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Why I like You : Cho Kyu Hyun
Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh yes Kyuhyunie! Its you!

Super happy aye....haha, we know we know!

Thank you Selena for her contributions to this post! :)

Here is a rose to you from your beloved Kyuhyun.

Reason 1: He loves Maths and motivates us, the sad people who are struggling helplessly with maths.

Anyway! The preface is indeed long! I wonder if everyone has been doing well in this period of time..
For me, everyone knows, because of China’s activities, I’m basically in China~~~
Recently I found out about many great Chinese dishes… And found things to do to while away time ㅋㅋㅋ
(Hmm.. Games or..Watching lots of dramas..Or even learning Math Really – -)

Excerpt from Kyuhyun's fancafe message 2008.11.16

HE ACTUALLY DOES MATHS IN HIS FREE TIME. Maybe it's cause he is gna sit for college entrance soon but still, WHO DOES MATHS IN THEIR FREE TIME and classifys it together with playing games and watching dramas. Because of Kyuhyun, we will now be motivated to love and do maths!

He is a scholar too?!

And his one of his favourite hobby is actually to read books! (as he mentioned in KTR interview!)

Studious boy!

Reason 2: He videogames. (making it okay for us to be addicted to videogames)

Kyuhyun "Guests" on KTR

Evidence! Kyuhyun totally loves playing videogames. Starcraft is his favourite if I'm not wrong. And I have no idea where I saw the clip but one of the suju members, donghae was sleeping and then Kyuhyun suddenly screamed and donghae was like "WHA WHAT HAPPEN?" And Kyhyun was like, My character just died. HAHA.

And he loves Hyesung Sunbae from Shinhwa cause HyeSung taught him gaming stuff and he games frequently with Heechul~

Not only does Kyuhyun loves his videogames he is addicted to dramas as well! So it is okay for us to love our tv dramas as well. Kyuhyun was addicted to JuMong.


Okay this video was for the selfish purpose to spazzz over the awesome stage here. :) And yeah, Kyuhyun's voice!!!! And the pianosss~ WOOOO.

He can sing songs in any language in the right diction as well!

A whole new world with Charice

Sighh... His voice is so amazing its magical~

不让我的眼泪陪我过夜 by Kyuhyun

Reason 4: He is well mannered and witty.

Star Golden Bell KyuHyun cuts

Hahaha! :) Witty YES! Well mannered? I dont think so. But he made us laugh real hard during this episode of Star Golden Bell!

See! Not well mannered at all but OH SO FUNNNNNY! He jsut wants everyone to love him and only him! Cutie~~

Reason 5: Hardworking.

Kyuhyun, EHB, archer!

Even when everyone was eating, he was the only one riding the donkey machine and trying to shoot the arrow again and agian. And in the end, HE SUCCESSFULLY HIT THE TARGET!

Favourite show in the world, EHB! And sigh, he touched us with his determination! I secretly think he was inspired and motivated by the show he keeps watching Jumong. Still, It shows he is hardworking.

Reason 6: Handsome.

AND HE IS DAMN HANDSOME IN THIS MINIDRAMA! Totally will drool while watching this!

fierce. ;)


He even looks pretty as a girl!

hehehe! amazing aint it!


hot hot!

And you are so naughty now and thats one more reason to like you!


he does the cutest thing!


sorry sorry!

kid carrying a baby

awwwe, so lovely.



baby maknae!

I think this is his favourite action!??

haha, thats so adorable!

Forever maknae that is well taken care of by his 12 other hyungs,

OOPS! okay thats just, love.hahaha!

And he really seems to love is donghae hyung!

Oh and we thank our lucky stars that we still have kyuhyun to love and share!

Everytime I see videos or articles that reminds me of the Super Junior Car aAccident I will get teary and everything.

Fighting Kyuhyun! WE LOVE YOU! :)

Yes baby, we hate this, but its time to go home! Be good! Goodbye!

credits: superduperlove@wordpress, princekyu@youtube, nicolettabella@youtube, thefamouscookiedough@youtube, symbelmyns@youtube, stuporsteam@youtube

-doreen & shuyan

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