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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goo Hara chosen as the ‘Prettiest from the Korean Girl-Groups’

Recently, a survey conducted from Japan’s biggest portal site, Yahoo Japan, on ‘Prettiest Belle of the Korean Girl-Groups’, resulted Kara’s Goo Ha Ra as the 1st, while SNSD’s Tae Yeon and Yoona were voted 2nd and 3rd respectively.Kara’s Goo Ha Ra was voted the 1st as she has a small body and clear facial features on a small faces, which are the ideal face and body shape for Japanese.Tae Yeon was voted as the 2nd because of her friendly, yet lovely image, while the 3rd, Yoona, captured the Japanese fans with her innocence and cute charms.Furthermore, Jessica of SNSD was voted 4th, Kara’s Kang Ji Young as 5th, SNSD’s Soo Young as 6th and After School’s Yoo So Young as 7th on the chart.On a side note, Kara, the 5-member group including Goo Ha Ra, are releasing their new album on the 30th and making a comeback stage at KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on the 31st


Credit : cactus @ KARAholic.com
All About HEESICA.

Just yesterday after the performance, Heesica and
Jessica who received praise from Tell me your wish met

The feeling of both (of us) staring at each other is good right?^-^
Indeed, we are the legendary shy and bashful Heesik Siblings

We'd probably be the most kind characters in New World (신세계)..(-┏)

In my head, there are only 2 kinds of kids who play..
One of them is one whom everyone knows, Donghae
And the other is Sik

Donghae would escape if I said I was going to flick his forehead
Sik would say "What! What!" when I wanted to flick her forehead and immediately make dolphin sounds
Sometimes giving the feeling of filming Free Willy

It was about 7 years ago I gave Sica a beautiful nickname

No matter what, she's a kind dongsaeng. And of course, if there's a new world..

Hit her once and get 10 or more back, Popcorn Sik
Tease her and she will shoot glares at you from her eyes, Glare Sik
Getting the same education as Dolphins and able to make high-pitched sounds, Dolphin Sik
I hid the cucumber in the barrel of the washing machine, yet she was able to find it, Cucumber Sik
Compared to anyone else, our friendship is most deep and although very scared of animals, but loves them a lot, 우동정싴 (Friendly Animal Sik [?])

Ah.. And also I lied saying I wanted to hold a school festival and was so amiable
Helping us and uploading self-took videos at "Our ○○.com, as well as "○○ ya, fighting", thank you very much!!
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋNot a school festival but concertㅋㅋ
You didn't know it was me?ㅋㅋ

Their friendship is so adorable! ^^

credits: soompi


Park Tae Hwan’s father, “My son is going out with SunYe? He still does not have a girlfriend”

National swimmer Park Tae Hwan’s father speaks up about the rumours about his son and WonderGirls SunYe’s love relationship.

His father Park InHo was at InCheon airport to send off his son for ‘2009 World athlete conference’ as aired on tvN on 22nd July.

He said about his son and his insecurities as his parent whenever he goes for competitions. He then talked about his son’s relationship with WonderGirls member Sunye, “TaeHwannie and SunYe are really close friends. I was even greeted by (met up with) SunYe before. When I look at my son, I think he is really goodlooking but I don’t understand why he does not have a girlfriend yet.”

This will be broadcasted on 22nd July at 11pm.

i really really really really hope sunye is tgt with him! i love swimmers!

credits : k-bites

Son Dambi and SNSD To perform for Manchester United

Son Dambi and SNSD will be performing at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Friday, July 24th. Son Dambi will perform her hits "Crazy" and "Saturday Night" (too bad the event is on a Friday night). Then Manchester United's 11 starters, which should include Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, and Korean hero Park Ji Sung will take the field against the home team, FC Seoul. Finally, SNSD will perform "Gee" and "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" during halftime, pumping up both fans and players for the second half.

In other notes from the event, hosts Mast Entertainment will be inviting 1000 underprivileged children to the match, hoping to give them some moments of joy to interrupt the harsh times. Hopefully we'll get to see both the football and K-pop stars of the event interacting with these kids, as getting some chill-time with some of the biggest stars on Earth would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

credits: akp
The sweetest BOY.

neither pretty.. nor funny.. ㅋㅋ
09.07.21 01:13

JHK* stylist 曰 " what is this it's neither pretty..nor funny...it's disgusting ㅋㅋ"

so it is.. this is a performance i'll never do for the 2nd time!

it's the first time i paid careful attention to a female outfit but.. it's disgusting**...

I approved of Kyuyoung@!! (really pretty_ chit)ㅋ

yesterday Kibum came so~ Super Junior, Super Junior M came together*** as 15 members~

totally in a good mood~ able to dine together.. seems like we can get drunk if we drink...(for 3 days it's so different.. i didn't even eat dinnerㅋ

eating rice and meat* that taste so delicious.. when everyone's happily drunk i ... started) ㅋ


didn't prepare well.. alot of worries.. anxiety but.. having done 10 performances for Super Show

helps.. during the 1st night i was really tensed up.. do not make any mistakes..(i was) only thinking about that ^^:

Super Junior SuperShow 2 .. for 3 days those who worked hard.. our staff.. members.. and E.L.F.

thank you^^


no matter what happened (i) will protect... Super Junior~

listening to teukie hyung my tears couldn't stop... ㅜ


look forward..to waiting for Super Show 3^^


So lovely! Awwwwww. Wookie! 15 members. Hmm. I still think of Suju and SJ-M as seperate groups so the 13/15 thing doesnt bother me actually because they arent taking away people at least. And Henry is sorta cute and Zhoumi writes cheeeem chinese lyrics for their songs. But its nice to see the members of SJ standing up to defend Zhoumi and Henry.

I know Leeteuk stood up and told the fans to protect Super Junior and not ONLY 13, and now Ryeowook. Their brotherly love never fails to touch me.

credits: carolyn@sj-world


Just when I thought nobody gave a damn about animal welfare.

Several goodwill/charitable organizations have called on celebrities to participate in their campaigns, and the Korean Animal Welfare Association has followed suit. In a four-day event at “Daily Project” in Chungdam-dong, a series of works from Korean photographer Kim Hyun Sung will be exhibited. This event can be likened to a “Focus on the (furry) Family” campaign and will showcase celebrity-abandoned canine pairings. Stars who have contributed their star power include members from Girls’ Generation, SHINee and other celebrities like Kong Hyo Jin, Kim Min Jun, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Hana and Song Ja-in.

This photo exhibition has been wholly organized by volunteers. If you’re situated in Seoul, make sure to drop by and show some support. And kids remember, don’t go “How much is that doggy in the window?” if you aren’t prepared to devote time to your furry friends!

This makes me so so so happy. Everyone has wonderful dogs! All so gorgess! Big dogs are WIN even if I love Changmin's Mangdoong like crazy!! I do hope they spend enough time with their dogs! Everyone please support animal welfare!

Stop illegal wildlife trade. Be nice to your pets, stop animal abuse. Donate to the nearest SPCA or if you live in Singapore, ACRES, AFSD etc... Contact us if you want to do rmoe for animal welfare. :D

credits: seoulbeats
U-Know Yunho Confirmed in Drama.

UknowYoonho from TVXQ is now casted as a main character of the MBC's new drama "맨땅에 헤딩", which will be on the air on the weds, of Sep. 9th. The story is based on the true story of a Korean soccer player, Cha Bong Gun, and the plot will focues on the long, long life journey to become a successful soccer player, overcoming all the hardships and challanging oneself.

Yoonho and the director already had a meeting on last sunday,19th of July, and the director was quite impressed by his determination and passion for acting. They will work together soon, and Yoonho himself also is very excited about stepping into the world of drama acting.

The singer, born Jung Yun-ho, takes on the character of “Cha Bong-kun,” a role recently vacated by Kim Rae-won because of Kim’s mandatory army obligation. To achieve the impossible goal of making it as a national player, the character pours all his passion into realizing the dream. While he “has nothing to his name, the drama tells the miraculous success story of passionate soccer player Cha Bong-kun.”

U-Know Yunho said of the role, “I really like the character of Cha Bong-kun. Reading the script, my heart overflowed with emotion. I want to act that feeling with sincerity.”

Heading to the Ground follows the Wednesday-Thursday horror drama Hon on MBC and premieres on September 9. No confirmation yet on the casting of his love interest, although Go Ara remains in contention

Wahlau, why need a love interest. I personally think that the story of hardship would be enough. At least its Go Ara and she has those pretty green eyes. :) So even if they kiss, I can take it. And its not Changmin. MUAHA!

credits: dramabeans


KARA - Aiming for 3rd consecutive hit song

As the of Kara’s come-back, the 30th, is due shortly, Kara has released the teaser for their title track ‘Wanna’.

Kara releasing their teaser clip of the new album’s title track ‘Wanna’ on online sites, such as GomTV, anticipated how close it is to Kara’s come-back. It was especially emotional and fluttered as the teaser was released on the 24th, which also happens to be member Han Seungyeon’s birthday.

The revealed teaser caught people’s eyes with Kara’s new mature and sexy concept, opposed their previous cute concept.

The impressive title track ‘Wanna’ is based on speedy, strong beats and provocative electronic sound. Kara are confident that ‘Wanna’ will be their third consecutive hit song which will succeed ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’.

Kara will pre-release their title track ‘Wanna’ on 27th through various music sites, and they will start their activities with the come-back stage on 31st at KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’

Im kind of glad that they are finally moving on to another concept other than their previous sweety cutie kind of thing. and omg, jiyoung finally caught my eye!
(rather invisible last time)

3 more days! if you WANNA pretty~~~ lalala

credits : karaholic


Welcome to the Big Bang Fair!

Big Bang had a bang bang fair full of merchandise and other tidbits for fans, minus big bang themselves of cos.
Lucky VIPS!

aint it awesomeeeeeee!
arhh, i want that monopoly thing!

credits : soompi

JONGSICA LEH. AND I SEE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE SUPPORTING THEM. Its the nightmare of haesica again. See why I need a How to be lovely, the jessica jung way of life!

This video is a nightmare! Refuse to further elaborate on it. Onew is not suitable for this kinda thing!

Life is hard for normal people like us whereas SNSD can rendezvous with all the handsome guys in Korea.

credits: prot0980@yt

The new MV from Brown Eyed Girls. HOT!

credits: ivy7979@yt

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