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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain – Song Hye Gyo’s drama ‘Full House’ to be remade in Taiwan

Actress Song Hye Gyo and Rain’s drama ‘Full House’ will have a remake
version in Taiwan

.A broadcast company in Taiwan has announced that they are preparing to
remake the drama.

A Taiwanese news portal site UDN said, “There will be a Taiwan version of
‘Full House’. It will be a production worth over 3 million dollars.

It can be expected that the Taiwanese version of ‘Full House’ will rouse
the interests of many even overseas.”

It is said that the male
character to the remake drama will be actor Wu
Zhun from idol group
Fahrenheit and female character be Zhou Xun.

Full House is like my all
time favourite korean drama!
Zhou Xun? thats super

Why cant the leads be like....okay i can't
think of anyone who are up to it. Those who can act looks bleh...those who are
good looking can act for nuts.

Ok ok, maybe Ariel Lin (still kind of :/
at her cause she secretly imported sihae into tw to film the mv)...and say...The
guy that has thick eyebrows and acted in ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni?

But still...i hope they dont destroy the whole drama.

sourc : sookyeong


The Real 2NE1!

How to not spazzz about it, its the most exciting picture I've seen all week! Make up does wonders yeahhhhh? :D This photo is adding to my love for them. We need some erm.. celebtrities whose talent outshines their looks sometimes too! HAHAHHA. And I'm surprised cause CL looks the oldest out of them.

edit :

YG Entertainment to take strong actions against leaked photos of 2NE1

okay, so this images were not suppose to be shown...!

YG Entertainment said on the 3rd that they will take strong action against the
leakage of the several photos of 2NE1 members posing with no makeup on.

A YG representative said, “We are currently investigating into the
source of the leakage. The photos leaked out are the stillcuts of when our staff
was deciding on the style and cordi for the girls.”

“We are now
investigating into how they were leaked out. This seems like some bad intentions
with the recent release of the girls’ new song ‘I Don’t Care’. Our company will
make a strong stand that we will be taking actions against whoever leaked them.”

i would have cried to death if im one of them! but they don't care anyway.

but oh well, just proves that we cannot believe in what we see!

credits: wishdreamX3 @ lj


DBSK, in wax?!?!

I have to say, this is seriously weird. First those miniature clay dolls and now wax figurines.It's sort of spooky-ish. Plus, the wax figures dont really look like them except for maybe the Micky onw. Still, I wouldn't mind having the Changmin one in my hosue or something. :D

credits: dbsknights

SNSD: Catfights

Okay, afte rthe whole Yoona and Tiffany and Underwear thing, here comes Jessica and Seohyun and A Move out of my face thing. Here's screenshots to look at the whole process.

What do you know? Maybe its cause Seohyun's skirt flew up and Jessica was like "Watch it Girl!" Still, given Sica's cool cool character, I can't rule out the scolding thing. A little disagreement when performing I must say, might be inevitable.

credits: sookyeong

Kibum going solo

The news that we expected all along Kibum is going solo!

Okay no, he is not really going solo, but the news that he will not be performing Super Show 2 has sure fuelled these rumours. But here is a little excerpt!

When Kibum was interviewed recently, he said that he was incredibly touched when SJ won the Mutizen for 'Sorry, Sorry in Music Bank, and when Leeteuk was crying and calling out to him: “We did it, Kibum who’s watching television now”.

Its good to know that they still love each other! :D And one big happy family. But what is Kibum doing watching television at home while the rest of them are performing at Music bank? Even when Sungmin's leg was injured he still stood with them onstage. :S

credits: Liberty Times


Lee Minho and Kim Joon supports Koo Hye Sun!

Sorry, dont understand much art, but BOF fans would be delighted to see Minho And Hyesun tgt. :D Just like the news of So Eun and Kimbum wearing couple rings are making me dizzy with happiness!

Dont care, shall just jump to conclusions that they are dating since I love this couple. Haha! However, Jaejoong and Jessica and not dating even though they are wearing the same rings. Different story.

credits: gongjunim


Tohoshinki's new Japanese single sales reach 100k mark in 2 days

Vocal group, Tohoshinki's new Japanese single was released and they sold almost 120,000 singles in 2 days, which is no mean feat.

On 2nd July, according to the calculations by Oricon Style, Tohoshinki's 28th single [Stand by U], which was released on 1st July, sold 24,946 on the second day of sales.

Released on the 1st, the single sold a total of 94,838 on the first day, and combining the sales of 24,946 on the second day, that is a total of 119,784, breaking past the 100K mark. In the 4 years since their Japanese debut, of all the Japanese singles that Tohoshinki released, this is the fastest single to pass the 100K mark.

impressive! omg omg, so proud of these boys!
congrats! & do support them!

credits : hoyah


Taemin getting bullied in school

omo, i love his uniform! so smart! oh anyway,...

This is a post from a student in Taemin's high school (the girl in the last picture who forced herself in the umbrella with Taemin). She is supposedly one of the students following Taemin. There is an apology on the internet by her friend.

Partial translation :
Today was rainy, so I was going to give up seeing Lee Taemin, but then the Taemin spy came in and told me "Noona, in 9 minutes, Taemin's leaving" or something like that... So I ran like fire but it's raining like crazy... But Lee Taemin has an umbrella. He also had a bini (hat) in his other hand so my friend stuck to him and started talking to him when I was just taking pictures. Just then as he went to the gym he almost fell ㅎㅎ I was laughing so I couldn't take the picture then he went to the teacher's office. I followed him in then the homeroom teacher said "Did you come just now?". Taemin looked kind of disappointed and misunderstood and said "No, I came at period 1." Then the teacher goes into the Principle's office with Taemin. ㅋ Whatever/ So I prepared my continuous 9 shot camera. Just then Lee Taemin came out in his bini (hat). He looked at the mirror before he left ㅠㅠ ... (and more)

This goes on for nearly 3 weeks and has more info about these 'spies' and 'following incidents' of students. She has put an apology on the internet with her friends about her actions.

Translation :
I'm a guy in my 3rd year of high school and this isn't a lie. My friend at ChungDam high school told me it wasn't up until physical group harassment. But when he comes to school nearly 100 students cover his way and won't ;et him pass and take pictures and stuff. When he tried to pass some say stuff like "you think you're so big 'cause you're a celebrity' or 'he's not as tall as I imagined' or 'he's not that handsome' and a lot of other stuff. And there's another story everyone at the high school knows about the a time he was listening to classes and he ate lunch at the teacher's lounge. So some delinquents from 2nd grade came and waited during lunch and when he came back and sat at his desk with his head down, they kicked his desk and said stuff like "hey, do we look like idiots to you? Do you think you're so big 'cause you're a celebrity? **** Hey put your head up." and etc. They throw erasers at him and swear at him and stuff. This is pretty well known around the school. Some other delinquent 3 girls keep following him and take pictures and annoy him. They keep following him and trying to hold his hand and stuff.

omg, i cant believe that this is happening. totally cannot imagine the life of these young celebs in school. this is so horrible. all the jealousy n stuffs kicking in.


credits : mutatedpuffin @ lj


Siwon as the Best Cover Model

July 2, Seoul Grand Hilton Convention Center ㅡ Choi Siwon, member of group Super Junior, received the “2009 Best Cover Model” award during the opening of the 4th Men’s Health Cool Guy contest.

yay congrats to siwon! His hot bod and charming face not only makes girl drool but also makes guys envy!


credits : newsen



Hahaha I think he went to trim them~~


Tiffany : "No matter how busy i am, i don't forget to wear my underwear!"

So this is whats really about the whole Yoona lifting up tiffany's skirt thing! So actually Tiffany did wear her shorts. The whole thing is that Yoona found out that tiffany's skirt wasnt pinned, which was kind of unsafe during performance cause the skirt would fly up when dancing. Tiffany, being the host of music core that day was probably busy changing outfits and thus forgotten to pin down her skirt!

So Yoona asked Tiffany, "You didnt pin it?", but the fans in the audience apparently heard the conversation and heard Yoona’s words as, "You didn’t wear it?", leading to the whole ‘Tiffany didn’t wear underwear’ situation.

LMAO. the girls are so interesting..why on earth would Yoona wanna lift up her skirt in the first place! Taeyeon even added " Tiffany's butt is actually quite sexy " at the end of the video.


credits : akp



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