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Saturday Spazz Night 22
Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taeyang's comeback!

Big Bang's Taeyang will come back solo after being out of the scene for a year and a half.

Taeyang's new single "Where U At" will be released on October 15. Taeyang, who has been influential with his songs "Only Look At Me" and "Prayer" on his first solo mini album HOT, will be considered more than just a lead singer of a popular idol group and will instead prove himself to be a recognized musician.

Taeyang was #1 on various music and broadcast charts and was even predicted to win the end of the year music award by music critics. He also had his first solo concert this year, which was limited to adults and was tailored to older generations.

The "Where U At" music video which will be released on the 15th features famous foreign dancers who praised Taeyang, who was "better than a lot of dancers that they had ever seen. It is uncanny that someone who sings as well as he does can also dance incredibly well."

"Where U At" was produced and composed by Teddy, who seems to be producing hits everywhere with "Only Look At Me," "Prayer," "Lollipop", and 2NE1's "Fire" and "I Don't Care." Their collaboration with this single has high expectations.

"Where U At"'s lyrics are about a man imagining where his soulmate is and why they haven't met yet, which is even more heartfelt considering how similar it is to 22-year-old Taeyang's life story of how he has never had a girlfriend.

Taeyang's solo comeback will open up competition between Big Bang members as G-Dragon is currently flooding the charts with his solo promotions.

YG Entertainment said "'Where U At" will be released just to make Taeyang's first full-length album known, so there will be no accompanying promotions or TV appearances."

Taeyang will then release his second, actual title track "Wedding Dress" in early November. Then, he will start his actual promotions mid-November until the end of the year.

"Wedding Dress" will be somewhat revealed during the latter half of the "Where U At" music video.

credits : newsen, flimsession

excited, no?

Jang Nara says will never do movie with dad again

Singer and actress Jang Nara said Wednesday that she will never again appear in a movie her dad makes.

Jang made the remark during a press conference for her new film "Sky and Sea" co-produced by Christmas Entertainment and JNdivertisseme, a production company owned by her father.

"My dad was supposed to invest just a little but he ended up making a full-scale investment as the film started facing difficulties," Jang said. "He told me this when I was half-way into shooting the movie and I couldn't sleep that night."

She said her dad kept sending her to China from then on early this year to shoot several commercials and hold concerts but that he ended up investing all the money she made into the film.

"I thank and love him dearly but I might die if he makes another movie," Jang added jokingly of her dad who has also been managing her career since her debut.

Jang has had a successful singing and acting career in Korea and China since her debut in 2001.

"Sky", about the friendship between three stars of the movie also including singer and actress Juni and actor Yu A-in, is set for release on October 29. Jang shed about seven kilograms from her usual 45 kilograms to play the role of a girl with Savant Syndrome in the film.

i don't think i will ever wanna work with my dad. lolz.

credits : asiae.co.kr


2NE1 First Independent Concert

End of year concert hall coronations and discussion of details… new album releases next month,Girl group 2NE1 will hold a large-scale concert at the end of the year.

The 2NE1 concert is very significant in various ways. The only female groups that have held their own concerts is Finkl(1998,1999) and S.E.S(2000), Wonder Girls(2008), these three groups only. And for a new group whose debut hasn’t even passed a year to hold a solo concert at such a huge performance hall is impossible without a number of hit songs and a huge popularity.

There have been a lot of female idol groups out, and especially this year it has expanded so much to the point where it was called a ‘fountain of girl groups.’ But the reason they were not able to hold concerts is because compared to the male groups, there wasn’t as many enthusiastic participation from fans. So for concert management companies, it wasn’t easy to invest in female group concerts.

But 2NE1 has had an uncommonly great deal of attention since before their debut, and this put them at a different position from all the other girl groups. Even before 2NE1’s debut, they had gone up the music charts with the LG Cyon commercial theme song ‘Lollipop’ in March. In May, they debuted with ‘Fire’ and gained so much popularity that they won first place in a mainstream music program in just one month.

In July after the release of their mini-album, ‘I Don’t Care,’ as well as ‘In the Club’ ‘Let’s Go Party’ ‘Pretty Boy’ and etc. has gained equal popularity and went up in high ranks in the music charts. They not only just catch the eye of the viewer with their dance or fashion, or feminine charm, but they also win with their music and made a huge progression.

After they ended their mini-album activities in mid-September, 2NE1 is planning on releasing another album around November, so they will probably have enough hit songs to fill up the 2 hour performance of the concert. YG Entertainment says, “ 2NE1 has showed a will for a concert since their debut, and since their first mini-album has had an amount of success, reason to agree for a concert was sufficient.”

SOURCE: 김원겸 기자 gyummy@donga.com
Translated by: orangie @ ygsecret21.com
Edited by: Serpantine @ ygsecret21.com
c/o: letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com + ygsecret21.com

i dont care eh eh eh eh eh ~


Kyu's not the one penetrating the Thai market, it's Ki Bum.

After previously declining offers in the past, Mario Maurer has finally accepted a lakorn role in “Korb Fah Tawun Diew” by first time producer “A” Supachai. This lakorn is a collaboration project between Thailand and Korea by channel 9.

“I’ve made a decision that I will probably accept my first role in a lakorn. I can’t tell you much about my character yet, I want to keep it as a secret first, so people would be surprised, but he’s kind of like a kid with a very hurtful past so it’s quite difficult to play. I will have to concentrate very hard and take acting lessons”

“In my opinion movies and lakorns are very different. Part of it is because of the script, lakorns are obviously longer than movies so I have to constantly read the script and try to the understand the character so I won’t feel too much pressure. I will have to try and concentrate a lot more because I’ve never done this before and I’ll be staring alongside a lot of Thai celebrities as well as Korean celebrities – from what I know, his name is Kim Ki Bum (Superjunior)”

“I’ll also get to work with Thai newcomers and Ah Ning (Niruth Sirijunya and P’May Fuengarom. The opening ceremony will be held in October and I’ll be flying to Korea for filming”

So who’s getting the leading role between Thai stars and Korean stars?

“I feel every character is different and each and everyone of them are all important in the story”



Mario has also signed up for a joint Thai-Korean soap opera, Tai Fa Tawan Deo (ใต้ฟ้าตะวันเดียว), his first foray into television, he told the media yesterday.

The soap opera will be shot in Korea with a mixed Thai/Korean cast, including four Korean actors: Ryan, formerly of the band PARAN, two members from the band You Kiss, and an actor from the Korean TV series Boys over Flowers (F4).

source: dirtiilaundry

*LAKORN - Thai drama.

credits: asianpopguri

explains ki bum's MIA?

anw, i found this damn weird/hilarious pic of kibum..

bowl cut boy!!!! HAHHAAH!


Super Junior most anticipated for Dream Concert

'Festival of Stars' Dream Concert is 4 days away

On October 10, 6:30 PM at Seoul District Mapo Sangamdong Seoul World Cup Stadium regarding the opening of 2009 Dream Concert (,) on and after September 28 (,) on October 6 as a result of survey question in 9 days that was coordinated from Caffebene*, Super Junior's perfomance stage at Dream Concert will be the best stage.

Overall, from participation of 42,190 people in the survey question,
Super Junior got 45% approval rating with 19,117 people's supports, landslidely rating in the first place.
Super Junior has recently stated Chinese activity project group, Super Junior M's "Supergirl", on Chinese Music Chart, rising first place at home and abroad, including a great popularity.

Survey results:
1. Super Junior= 45 % (19,117 people) 2. Big Bang= 21% (8,977 people)
3. SNSD= 13% (5,593 people)
the rest are Shinee (3,810 people), Chaeyeon (1,507 people), f(x) (893 people), 2NE1 (1,785 people), 2PM (371 people),
and Kara (359 people)

*Caffebene is one of the coffee franchise company in Korea

translated by superlover♫@sj-world.net

woooohooo! i wanna go too! sj & snsd jjang!


f(x) fresh face revealed!

Amber posted the pictures on her me2day on the 7th. The pictures were taken at the airport after their China activities.

She wrote, "Fresh..face..revealed.." and "Thank you to our fans who screamed our names loudly when we arrived at the airport."

On Krystal's me2day,

"Hello everyone it's Krystal~! I've arrived from China. This photo is of Amber unnie at the airport before we left to China` This is my work..kekekeke. It was our first overseas performance but there were alot of cheering fans so that's OH MY GOD!!~Thank you~~byebye XOXO

credits : parkjinyoung @ lj

Sulli is so adorable! haha!! eyes shut for both photo! love krystal and her freshhh face!


"You’re Beautiful”, Lee Hongki Transforms Into Jessica

FT Island’s Lee Hongki transformed himself into SNSD’s Jessica.

Starting its first airing on 7th October, SBS Wed-Thu drama “You’re Beautiful” includes parody music videos and one of which, requires Lee Hongki to transform into SNSD.

The main characters of “You’re Beautiful” challenged themselves in parodies of mega hits like Seo Taiji & Boys’ “I Know“, Roo’ra’s “Wingless Angel“, HOT’s “Candy“, DJ.DOC’s “Run To You“, Crying Nut’s “Let’s Ride A Horse“, Fin.K.L’s “Forever Love” and SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish“.

Lee Hongki, who transformed into SNSD’s Jessica, even wore skinny pants and 7cm-tall high heels for the filming. He revealed that, “Few days before the filming, I went to check out the song and the videos and made careful observation of their performance.”

Actually, during the filming of “Tell Me Your Wish“, he had a video call with Tiffany. “Lee Hongki and Jang Geunsuk, who did Jessica and Yoona’s parts respectively, look very pretty and I’m really shocked. I will watch the drama well when it starts,” Tiffany gave her support.

The parody music video will be shown at the end of the episodes as an epilogue before the preview of the next episode. The content will be different every time, giving surprise to the viewers.

Source: Primanoona

Idk why but hongki dont look as pretty as before! he use to be super pretty whenever he crossdress! Boy is growing up aye~

FT Island Holds Nationwide Concert Tour “Men’s Stories”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

FT Island will be holding a nationwide concert tour titled “Men’s Stories“.

FT Island is starting their concert tour in Seoul, at Jangchung Gymnasium, on 14th (6pm) and 15th (3pm) November. At the concert, FT Island will be telling their “Men’s Stories“, using strong visuals and sound. There is going to be much interaction with the fans instead of just a normal performance.

Tickets are available at MaxTicket, starting 14th October at 9pm.

Ahhh, but its nationwide. Not Asia wide or World Wide. :(

credits: primanoona
Lee Yoonji, "I believe that Kangin will overcome this incident well"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actress/MC Lee Yoonji has said something to cheer Super Junior Kangin up after his assault incident.

Lee Yoonji said on an interview on October 8th that "I dont know the detail of the story behind, also I'm not in Kangin's position at that time so I cant say anything about this incident" and "I hope that this incident can be settled as soon as possible and I believe that Kangin himself can overcome quickly"

She also said "Kangin is like a trustworthy friend to me. He's friendly, affable, he has many good side" thus talking about Kangin's good point.

Lee Yoonji and Kangin had been a make-believe couple in MBC show "We got married" from last year until early this year. Lee Yoonji said about her make-believe husband Kangin "Although (Kangin) is a trustworthy and good friend but he calculated so much when it comes to man's duty/work (she means Kangin is quite lazy when doing man's work in the house) . The girl who will become his real wife in the future should consider this side" and laughed.

credits: isplus, evanesco@sj-world
BEG's Narsha: "My real age is 29"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Narsha from the popular group Brown Eyed Girls confessed her real age.

On the filming of SBS 'Strong Heart', Narsha said "To be honest, I'm really 29 years old." Until now, her age was known as 27 years. She claimed that she wanted to comfortably tell her real age after unwillingly letting people know about her fake age. With Narsha's laid-back and honest personality, it was said that she seemed much more at ease after revealing the truth.

Narsha's courageous confession will air on the 13th through 'Strong Heart'.

She still looks damn young and she is damn pretty!

credits: msn news, pinkiyoojin@omnprection
SHINee new song teaser!

I pretty much dont like teasers cause they are so short and they dont divulge anything at all! But Im kinda quit anticipating SHINee's new album. They really do have their own style!

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