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The back of Gayo Daejuns
Friday, January 1, 2010

Yes, its the lovely time of the year for the tv stations Music Festivals or Gayo Daejuns! And as I was watching the KBS one this morning on starhub cable ch 173, I saw this,

Hahahah, the main point is the last 4 seconds or so where 2pm revealed their backs. I was watching this with my mum and we both burst out laughing when they did it. Because last year, DBSK did it too!

AND DBSK is way way way way way hotttttter!

Is it because when 2pm revealed their backs their jackets were at awkwardly different positions whereas DBSK was standardized?

Or was it because Jaejoong had that spectacularly hot tattoo of TVXQ behind him? Whereas 2pm one was bland in comparison?

Or was it due to DBSK's ooooozing charisma which 2pm lacked due to multiple pnytails on their head? And DBSK was overall, more manly in standard suits instead of shiny glittery golden suits?

But yes, congrats anw to 2pm for winning song of the year on KBS Gayo Daejun.

On a separate note, I feel very sad when I look at Super Junior's performance. :(

The numbers are decreasing everyday. My heart can't take this. And and at the end how come SIWON IS HOLDING TIFFANY'S HAND? Im getting outraged on Doreen's behalf! This further confirms the "Siwon is flirt" theory. 12 was not too bad without Kibum, but with only 9, minus Kangin and Hankyung as well, they look oddly lonely. I didnt realise how much star power Hankyung has and how he was so integral as part of the choreography.

Oh well, 2009 was full of shitty news with the DBSK lawsuit saga, Jaebum leaving and now Hankyung sues SM etc etc... So now, we embrace 2010 hopefully with MORE GOOD CHEER!

HAPPY 2010 everyone!


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