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Its 2PM, Chill people.
Monday, March 1, 2010

A Filipino fan's reaction to Jaebum leaving 2PM


I dont really understand whats going on these days but it looks like 2pm is going through real shit.

It seems like a tsunami hit the kpop world and instead of mourning, everyone else is getting so agitated and refuse to accept it. I mean, a tsunami is for real, and so is jaebum leaving the group. Just accept it and move on! They shouldnt really do this to the rest of the members. I mean, 2PM is not just about jay himself. Think about the hardwork and effort the other members put in, its really unfair to throw the whole group away just because of jaebum.

You know, im not a great jaebum fan but i really do adore him because of his talent and his humbleness. Its definetely saddening to see anyone of them go, especially leader jaebum. But i believe there must be a real serious cause that led them to make such decision. So lets just wait for the cause to be revealed and hopefully it would a convincing one. At the same time, MOVE ON AND STOP DESTROYING THINGS! Its useless anyway!

When the fuck are these fans going to grow up. There are many other things to do in life. They ought to really learn what is true Love & Respect.

Farewell leadja jaebum.


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