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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hi cheezels! You know, reading two humans blogging about kpop is boring. Thats why im invited to be the guest blogger for super-kpop, injecting some new blood into this awesome space!

A brief introduction...
My name is Jojo. Yes, SHINee sang a song about me quite some time ago, "Hey, My JoJo. Love, yes JoJo" . So don't ever call me kpop irrelevant. Plus, whatever that im gonna post are 200% Fictional. Fiction. Fiction is also a song sung by BEAST. So again, don't ever call me kpop irrelevant. I'm kindaf a big deal.

Anyway, i love cheese and biscuits. I also love bitting human toes and getting bellyrubs. And Im somehow...mean. But i heard this was one of the criteria for being a writer for this blog, no?

Well, i read the news about Lee Hyori who got a new boyfriend recently. Congrats woof woof!
Coincidentally, i think he really looks like my handsome friend Rufus!

Hyori, what 'wonderful' taste you have! I better run to tell Rufus about this so that he can have some confidence boost because he is always feeling sad about his appearance. I mean SangSoon sii with that 'oh-woof-so-awesome' face can actually attract a lady of such high calibre, Rufus can actually win the heart of Mimi that yorkie next door someday since they look so similar! Right?

Mimiiiii! that oh-woof-so-bimbo-but-hatefully-prettier-than-me bitch next door



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