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Saturday, May 23, 2009

2NE1 Debut Performace


As much as I am jealous of all that 2NE1 popularity, I know many ppl out there are just dying to spazzz about it here. So I shall not be selfish and let people spazz here about 2NE1! Though yeah their concept os fresh and new and everything, I do think they could be less big-bang ish otherwise they would just be known as female big bang. Cause you know them form previous debuts that yeah... But I won't hate them lah, cause they aren't like talentless. :)


SHINee's New Single Juliette


I think people will be expecting a lot from SHINee now cause their first album was so successful. But I think this song is not bad. :) Its very SHINee, I think SHINee really do have their own distinct style. Still I kinda like their album pictures and everything! Cool SHINee plus Jonghyun is so cute!


Adorable Mini Super Junior and 2pm!

credits: randomrinnie@youtube

Haha Omg, these lil kis versions of SJ and 2pm re just too cute not to spazzzz about! I think they make "Again and Again" cuter and mroe addicitve than 2PM! Shit yeah, Im being to think the song is quite catchy now! Oh well, it just proves that Live Versions of songs make them seem better.


Lee Min Ho Sings

Its Lee Min Ho here, Lee Min ho there, min ho min ho everywhere!
So other than busy filming CFs, doing photoshoots etc, Lee Min Ho also does a solo song called "My Everything" in the special edition album of ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

credits : pocketfulofmusic @ youtube

Like everyone else, i thought Lee Min Ho was tone-deaf and can sing for nuts. But this proves me and everyone else wrong! I like how his voice is thick, making the whole song sound very comfortable and warmy. He actually has the potential to do well as a singer!

Especially when he as a good friend K.Will who is an awesome singer!

And apparently, K.Will was the vocal trainer of Lee Min Ho for this particular song. So you can sort of hear K.Will kinda singing in this song!

Here is what Lee Min Ho said, “I am excited to show another side of me through the song ‘My Everything’ after undergoing training with one of the best vocalist around.”


The song is up for download at the download section already! :)


Wonder Girls and their English skills

Wonder Girls finally have their first sit down English interview !

NY1s Lewis Dodley sits down with all five members of the Wonder Girls as part of Asian-American History Month.

I was all excited when i see this cause i totally cannot wait to hear their English! And its totally zero disappointment! Well, they looked somehow nervous, but i'm Kindaf impressed by how much they have improved! i like yeyun's parts the best! Most probably bcos she speaked more. oh well. and sohee looked the most confident when being asked a question ( in my point of view that is )

I just hope that they can ditch their clothing, hair and the freaky heavy make-up. I know they are going int this retro thing, but their costumes and hair are just...bah, i dont dig it. But i think yeyun and sohee looks kind of good though. The rest are weird.

Looks like their preparations for their debut in America is going well ( i hope) !


We love stalker behaviour : Micky Yoochun at Timeout Gelato

Cassies are really awesome people! They are rich,supportive, have hell lots of time in the world!

So this is a fancam of Micky in his own gelato store!
His brother Ricky Yoohwan is there too!

credits : phutran1981vnn2

i wonder why i dont see heaps of people flooding the store when it should be the case! hmm...anyway, if im a cassie living there, i will totally just stalk the store everything in hope that the whole dbsk would appear in the shop for their gelato break. The gelatos might just melt away though.

This english speaking fangirl ,who apparently cannot visit the shop and called the shop instead, hoping to speak to yoochun himself. This is so cool.
But she talked to Ricky, his brother instead and had the whole awkward conversation recorded. His still cute with the yes ma'am thing. haha!

credits : hiddenmicky @ yt

Cassies are just simply jjangggg!


Krystal Jung looks more like Yoona?

Jessica's sister Krystal jung, had been receiving some attention as she was featured in SHINee's Juliet MV ( and she totally din reveal her face AT ALL, WTH! ).

Here is a recent photo of jessica together with her sister krystal at their cousin's wedding

Alot of people are saying that instead of looking like Jessica, Krystal looks more like Yoona, which i totally dont think.

Anyway i think she looked kind of plain and matured here. I guess a lil make up will make her look prettier!

Some freaking nonsense people come out with a few retarded assumptions like,
" Jessica went through so much plastic surgery tat she dont even look like krystal at all. "

And the funniest of all is..

"i think krystal neither look like jessica nor yoona, she looks like MICKY YOOCHUN MORE! i can't look at the photo for another second, it makes me feel like laughing! HA HA HA! "

How ever is that possible!

We feel quite sad for krystal being compared to a male though.And i strongly believe that Jessica didnt undergo any surgery. Siblings can look different, and its not necessary to share resemblance with your siblings. Even twins dont look exactly alike!

According to DJ Isak, Krystal was the one who went for SM auditions and was choosen to be in one of Shinwa's MV. Jessica accompanied her sister to the filming set (sica was 10 at that time ) and was casted by sm staffs. Their mom did not want krystal to enter this complicated business at such a tender age at that time ( i think krystal was merely five years old that time) and wanted her to focus on studies. So she decides to let jessica do it instead. At least krystal gets to do what she likes now!
we should support her debut!

Anyway, presenting to you the jung sisters!

Here is krystal,

credits: *jaefan* @ ssf


A mannequin is no match for SNSD's Yoona's perfect figure!

Yoona has receiving lots of complments for her excellent acting skills that she has displayed in Cinderella Man.

I dunno whether to say netizens are really observant or they just have nothing better do, but they've manage to see the resemblance in Yoona's body and mannequin's body. -.-

So there is particular scene in the drama that Yoona was working with a mannequin :

It was commented that in this picture, Yoona's height, length of her arms and neck, and even size of her face appeared to be the same as the mannequins! okay this is spooky. Probably faceshape they mean.

These people are kind of slow, they should have noticed that yoona's body is totally perfect long ago!

I adore Yoona so much because of her nice hair (though its long gone), pretty face and most importantly her pole like body! i really wanna know what on earth she do to make herself so super fat-free!

credits : soy @ ssf


Yuri's secret to clear skin

( i know this is a uper old photo but she is still pretty!)

Those who wants good clear skin like Kwon Yuri better listen up!!

"Grind Ma (Chinese Yam) and Drink It Every Morning"

I dunno how is it possible to drink that down but if yuri say its good, then its really good!

Her flawless and healthy skin just tells that it totally work!

Also Yuri learned from her father, “that milk with honey grinded in with apple is good for you if you drink it.”

arhh, looks like yuri really cares alot for her health!
We should seriously be like yuri and pick up her advice to get the healthy/flawless look!!

credits : kimjihyee @ ssf


Bonus gif to explain Onew's fall


teehehe, such an adorable fall.

Hope he is doing better!


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