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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good governance!

The Thailand Prime minister meets 2pm! And Nick Khun looks freaking hot in these pictures! I wish my government would invite kpop stars to our country too. Too bad Nick is from Thailand. Still, tis cool for their PM to take an effort to meet them out of all the 2750245 minister-lyduties he has to execute.


SS501's Kim Hyun Joong's NEW NOSE!

Old nose


New nose!

Is the new nose the IN thing or what! With MJ, Inyoung, Minho etc... And now our dearest Jihoo Sunbae!

I don't know if its real, but it sure looks mighty different! At least its not fugly, just yknow, sharper and more deinfed than previously. Who cares anyway, still hot. Plastic surgery rocks! Proves that these stars are human.

credits: sookyeong


Megan Fox vs Rain

This whole hoohah of Megan Fox and Rain is cracking me up! Its like a meaningless table tennis game played back and forth. Oh by the way Rain, if Megan Fox comes your way you should deifnately pick her up! I mean its MEGAN FOX! Zzzzzz.

credits: meganfoxnews


Shinhwa’s Kim Dong-wan tells Amy to shut up!

Kim Dong-wan, literally tells Amy to shut her mouth already and stop telling stories about her relationship with Min-woo to the media.

Amy and Shinwha’s Min-woo, used to be a pair but broke up not too long ago and Amy’s been running her mouth off and complaining about what kind of guy Min-woo was. In a recent media interview she stated,

I’m the type of person that likes to share everything and give everything I can, but he (Min-woo) wasn’t. Later on, he started to say things that weren’t true, seeing him make excuses so often made me decide to end our relationship.

Min-woo’s good friend and fellow Shinhwa member, Kim Dong-wan, who is currently serving his term in the army, just couldn’t stand Amy running her mouth anymore and left her a detailed message on his blog. In his blog entry titled, "Amy", stating,

Even when watching (the way you act) from a far distance, your actions were always different and weird. Forgive Min-woo for not being able to understand the world you live in and try to understand him. Don’t go around telling others, even in a personal conversation, that all Min-woo has been doing is making excuses (in order to absolve himself from the situation). Like you would know (him) better than all of us that have been together (with Min-woo) for the past 12 years. And, to see that, the Min-woo we know, has been giving you excuses, I’m certain and can confide that he felt that much difficult to be around you. In the future, when you have interviews, leave out any topics that have to do with Min-woo. Talking about your estranged lover, publicly, even if the person isn’t a celebrity is not just unsensible and ignorant but sleazy/shoddy behavior.

Amy has really been going around telling multiple press sources way too much unreliable and unnecessary information about her relationship with Min-woo and making him look like a shady, conniving liar

bah, i dunno who are they but this girl is really hungry for attention or something? bitch! Heard that he parents are the top 1% of the filthy rich in korea! luckily there is dong-wan to stand up for minwoo! He is just super cool! i would really like a friend like him...


source : popseouls


2NE1 3rd consecutive #1 on illegal music download sites, :) or :( ?

According to popular illegal download sites P2P and Webhard, group 2NE1 has once again went up to the #1 spot with the 22.5% of the amount of illegal downloads going to their music.

After their hit songs like ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’, returning their 1st minialbum, the group has received overwhelming responses for their album. But at the same time, they are as popular on illegal music download sites.

The title song ‘I Don’t Care’ revealed on 1st July naturally become one of the hottest downloaded songs since the group brought great hits like ‘Fire’ and ‘Lollipop’ previously.

Meanwhile, So Nyeo Shi Dae was #1 on the illegal download site last week, but the ‘crown’ was passed over to 2NE1 in just 1 week. While another girlgroup 4Minute is #3 on the chart.

I dunno if i should be happy or sad if i were them...on one hand, it shows that you are really popular, on the other hand, it means that people are not willing to use money to support you. means all the hardwork and TALENT are not worth it at all?


credits : sookyung


2PM for goodbye stage on 19th July, ending 3 months of activities for ‘Time To Change’

After receiving loads of love and support from fans with the title song ‘Again & Again’ and then the 2nd hit song ‘I Hate You’ off their 2nd single ‘Time To Change’, 2PM will say goodbye with their goodbye stage on 19th July before going for a rest.

Their representative said, “2PM will be having their last stage on 19th July on SBS Inkigayo, ending their 2nd single promotional activities.” This will end their 3 months activities to promote their 2nd single.

The representative also said, “After ending the promotions for this single, the boys will rest and prepare for their next single album. Part of the members will also continue with their individual activities.”

Awwe....my mom i will miss nickhun these boys again and again and again and again and....

source : sk

SHINee are cute & smart boys!

SHINee at star golden bell challenge.

omg, i love them! so adorableeeeeeeee!!! anyone want some SHINee too!?
nicole cracks me up everytime...she is so creative!

i love sgb!

credits : skitego


Report on first half of the year, girl groups' popularity on the rise

GOMTV released the music chart for the first half of 2009, and, using the views on their music videos as the criteria for this report, the predominance of girl groups such as SNSD and 2NE1 is quite noticeable.

SNSD, 2NE1 and other female groups have been sweeping away and topping various music charts, and their competition and rivalry is getting more and more intense. The report released by GOMTV showed the top 10 songs of the first half of the year, and eight out of ten of them are by female singers. First place went to SNSD's 'Gee', which has the record of 8,570,000 views in the site.

The second and third place went to 2NE1 and Bigbang's 'Lollipop', and the former's debut song 'Fire'. SNSD and 2NE1 shared the top place of the charts for three month each, SNSD dominating from January to March and 2NE1 from April to June, revealing the fierce competition between girl groups for the leading position.

# Girl Groups Power in the rise, Comparable to Male idol groups

Big Bang, who are temporarily promoting themselves in foreign countries, shared the second place with 2NE1 with their song 'Fire'. Super Junior and 2PM's 'Sorry Sorry' and 'Again and Again' share the 10th place. Special note to Outsider's 'Loner', who has gained explosive popularity since the song was reveal on June.

# The most loved ballad song of the first half of the year?

Even thought all top ten songs in GOMTV's music chart are dance songs with a fast beat, the most popular ballad was 8eight's "I don't have a heart". Other popular ballads are SG wannabe's "My love is a crybaby", and Tiffany's "By Myself, in the 16th and 26th position respectively.

heres the list:

1. Gee - SNSD
2. Lollipop - Big Bang & 2NE1
3. Fire - 2NE1
4. Saturday Night - Son Dambi
5. Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
6. Women's Generation - SeeYa, Davichi, T-Ara
7. Again & Again - 2PM
8. Genie - SNSD
9. My Man - Davichi
10. Shake - ChaeYeon

cedits : sya_fhya @ lj, cph @ ssf


SNSD sets the best score in Music Bank history

The title track "Tell Me Your Wish" from SNSD's second mini-album attracts interest by going up to No.1 the first time with the best score to date on music charts.

On the 10th, SNSD got No.1 with setting a new record for the best score of 17995 points for KBS Music Bank. In addition to "Gee", which was the most consecutive times at No.1 on the K-Chart earlier this year, SNSD is now holding the record for the best score too.

On this day, SNSD showed a refined performance with their "Hacky Sack dance"/"Beautiful legs dance", and they said in their No.1 speech: "We pass all the honor to the people from the company and participants who worked hard for us. We want to say thank you, especially to our fans."

SNSD's second mini-album "Tell Me Your Wish" swept various online, offline and weekly charts immediately after its release and a more mature song and performance have led to winning them more attention.

OMG, SNSD IS SO AMAZING! they even beat dbsk's mirotic score! how is this possible!
power of 9, power of 9, this is the power of 9. Believe in it if you havent! support their 2nd mini album!

credits : xeth @ ssf


SUPER JUNIOR post a special message to E.L.F

click here

okay, sweet as usual!

Well, international fanclub is opened for registration again?
someone commmented,
"It says for GLOBAL E.L.F but it doesn't help that it's not in English"

are u willing to pay the fees and be a real registered E.L.F?

credits : superduperlove @ wp, ydnim @ lj

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