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Saturday, August 1, 2009

T-ara makes official debut!

On July 29, T-ara had their official debut on MBC Golden Fishery – Radio Star.

T-ara members each showcased their skills at the show. So Yeon showed off her powerful vocals, Hyomin rapped and Eun Jung performed a sexy dance.

The full music video for “Lies” will be released on Mnet channel and online music sites today. Meanwhile, T-ara will also perform on Mnet M! Countdown on 30th July, KBS Music Bank on 31st July, MBC Music Core on 1st August as well as SBS Inkigayo on 2nd August.

The group had undergone a 3-year training process before debuting. As a new group, they have already received numerous CF offers as well as are a hot topic on forum sites. They will be the girlgroup that the public has the highest expectations of this summer.

Secretly, i dont really care, but I'm noticing this super short and short haired girl amongst them. Let's take a look at their new mv Lies since we are talking about them.

And then they get bashed cause their debut had some pretty bad lipsyncing. I mean, you train for 3 years and you guys can't lipsync properly? That's quite sad I think. Its not even if they can't sing.

credits: Kimchilicious, wonderfulchannel@yt


Son Dambi Loses weight to prepare for upcoming drama.

Like she is not skinny enough,

Son Dam-bi has lost 3-4kg for the new drama, "Dream - Drama".

Son is the Taebo master, Lee So-yeon in the drama for which Son practiced Taebo for 6 hours everyday for three months. She is a pop star whom we all know was a workaholic practicing her moves for 16 hours a day. It was the same hard work that brought such praise in her acting skills in her starting scenes of the drama.

Son had said that it was very hard in the beginning. She thought that it might be easier than dance practices but she was wrong. However, she had always worked out that her body was able to handle the pressure. Let's watch her great acting!

soon she will disappear into nothing-ness. At least she is still hot!

credits: hancinima

Kara's new MV, wanna?

Joyoung looks like tw artiste Wang Yi Ren here. And Ever lovely Nicole, but her outfit image seems a tad more mature than other members! This i nice, back to sweeeeet bubblepop instead of all the idontknow whats that genre called that everyone has now (eg, 2ne1, 4 minute etc). Its growning on me, its growning on me this song!

AND Kara's comeback is really cool! I think they really improved a lot!

credits: leemicky01@yt

Go Ara debuts in Japan!

At least she can speak fluent Japanese!

Actress Go Ara will be making her official debut in Japan through a Japanese drama called 'Magnificent Spy'. With Nagase Tomoya heading the drama, Go Ara will appear in the third episode playing a Korean actress -- how fitting. In the drama, she plays a Korean actress who is the lead actress in a Korean-Japanese production. Although she will only be appearing for that episode, she is an important character who gives counsel and comfort to the genius swindler played by Nagase Tomoya.

She finished the filming during this month and although it was a very different atmosphere, she was able to show professionalism and be involved with the drama. Go Ara was given the love call by the producer because he saw that she had a certain charm about her and her Japanese was at a relatively high level.

credits: akp

JoKwon Picks Hyunah!

Why the hype over Hyunah? WHY WHY WHY? And Hyunah's is SHINee's Juliette. The world doesn't make sense sometimes.

credits: time2sub2@yt


So Nyeo Shi Dae selected by foreigners as best girl singers

Korean group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been selected by foreigers as the best female singers on Arirang TV ‘Showbiz Extra’. And the survey was done on over 3000 viewers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and America, etc. in over 60 countries.

And Super Junior is chosen as #1 for best male singers.

The results of the survey

Female singers

1.So Nyeo Shi Dae (29.65%)
2.BoA (29.25%)

Males singers

1.Super Junior (41.9%)
2.Dong Bang Shin Ki (33.6%)

New singers

1.SHINee (57%)
2.2PM (19.7%)
3.FT Island (15.6%) (are they still counted as new?)

Best newcomer actor

1.Kim Bum
2.Lee Min Ho (36.03%)

Best actor

1.Lee JunKi (37.74%)
2.Rain (28.95%)
3.Gong Yoo (11.81%)

Best actress

1.Song Hye Gyo (49.52%)

credits : sookyeong


How to dress like 4Minutes?

The recent girl group 4minute and their "candy funky style" are becoming very popular among young people between ages 10 and 20. This style uses the color hot pink, lively candy colors, and a wild funky style that is very distinctive. When presenting this "candy funky style", it is very important to choose big sizes and flashy colors. For the upper body, it's good to wear loose and big t-shirts, t-shirts with showy patterns, or a vintage vest.

For the upper body, it's good to wear loose and big t-shirts, t-shirts with showy patterns, or a vintage vest. For the lower body, wearing ornate leggings or skinny jeans is suitable. It's also great to wear high-top sneakers that reach up to your ankles. You can wear exaggerated (fake) eyelashes, or put on yellow or green makeup to display this "candy funky style". If wearing heavy eye makeup is burdensome, then try wearing oversized sunglasses. You can also wear orange lipstick to restore the lively image. If you mention that this style is '4minute's style', then young people will instantly connect with the goods.

At the ABC Mart's shoe center, their sales for high tops have increased by approximately 20%. On the online mall "DN" shop, more than 400 color leggings have been sold after June. The sales for color leggings from April-June have been 30% greater than sales from January-March.

If i were to wear this and walk on the streets, i may just appear on STOMP the next day.

credits : 4minutes.com/forums


KBS Entertainment Relay - SUPER SHOW II

Interview + snippets of the concert.
YAY, some HQ clips finally.



T-ara SoYeon, “Giving up training to be So Nyeo Shi Dae? My will wasn’t strong enough”

6-member female group T-ara member SoYeon (22) talked about the reason why she has gave up training to be part of group So Nyeo Shi Dae.
The group made their debut on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star on 29th July and SoYeon said, “Back then it was tiring. And I went through much hardship.” She has gave up training as part of group So Nyeo Shi Dae halfway.

When asked if she felt bad and regretful after So Nyeo Shi Dae became famous and successful, “No, I don’t feel that way. After all we have all trained together. I look at it as misfortune turned blessing.”

SoYeon has been casted to trained for So Nyeo Shi Dae with 11 other members in 2005.

Why do i keep having this feeling that SM is an abuse centre instead? They either push you right to the top, or simply over the edge.

Oh well, you gotta be a strong baby to survive in this industry!

credits : sookyeong


100k sales, SNSD Does it again for the 3rd time!

Popular group So Nyeo Shi Dae has achieved their 3rd consecutive 100k album sales with their comeback 2nd minialbum ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.

SM Entertainment said on 30th July, “The girls’ 2nd minialbum released on 29th June has sold over 100,497 copies as of 28th July.” This will make it their 3rd 100k album sales after their 1st album and 1st minialbum.

The girls are not only dominating in the album sales chart but also on music charts with the title song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ off this new 2nd minialbum on and offline.

YAY, congrats! i just wish that they can get enough rest...you've worked hard girls!

credits : soshified

TVXQ's Laughter YOGA!

Why? Cause there is all these news about DBSK breaking up and disbanding its so depressing! Dont like to post sad stuff here cause its SPAZZZ NIGHT!

credits: funland100@yt
SKP's Favourite Song of the Moment!

2NE1's I DON'T CARE. LIVE! This is damn good! ^^

credits: codemonmonseason2@yt

I really like it when artistes stand up for a good cause! ^^

credits: time2sub2@yt

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