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Saturday Spazz Night 13
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong loves CL!

On the August 7th episode of MBC’s “Section TV”,
Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he’s been closely watching 2NE1’s CL.
During his interview on “Section TV”, Kim Hyun-joong was asked by the reporter, “among all the girl groups out there, is there any one member you’ve had your eyes set on?”. Kim Hyung Joong didn’t hesitate from replying that it was CL he’s been watching and leaving her a short video message stating,

CL of 2NE1. I have yet to CL in person…Although i’m a few years your senior, I hope you will carry out a great career as a singer. Thank you for being a junior that provokes me (to do better).

ah hem....., no comments.

credits : kishkaria


T-ara Jiyeon: I'm Having A Real Tough Time

-member girl group T-ara member Jiyeon confesses about how she feels.

Jiyeon, the girl nicknamed the '2nd Kim Taehee' speaks up about how the netizens' comments have caused a deep wound within her.

In an interview she held on the 4th, she said that she has been 'suffering immensely'. Moreover, almost crying the MBC 'Soul' drama actress talked about how her 'heart is in a lot of pain. You're always worried about what people say and the controversies that might spring up.'

Therefore, her co-member Soyeon speaks up to say that, 'Jiyeon as a 17-year old girl (Korean Age -- she's 16) would not be able to resist things like this,'. She adds that 'Jiyeon is still a young'in'.

Previously when T-ara guested on MBC's Radio Star on the 29th, Jiyeon spoke about how her nickname, 'The Second Kim Taehee' has put a lot of pressure on her and had caused her to be scolded often.

Meanwhile, T-ara released their digital single on the 27th entitled 'Lies'.

now which idiot gave her this nickname. WHICH PART OF HER RESEMBLES KIM TAE HEE???!!! NONE!!! Kim tae hee is like an angel and ji-yeon just needs more ps.

credits : hk24n, elly@diaden


T-ara: Hyomin's 'Plastic Surgery Controvery', Mnet: "Photo Capture Misunderstanding"

Idol group T-ara's member Hyomin (21, real name Park Sunyoung) has gotten into a plastic surgery controversy due to some pictures. Some netizens took screen shots of roles Hyomin played in the past and said, "Her face is so different from now," sparking a controversy.

It started when a title was posted on various portal sites called "T-ara's Hyomin's pre-plastic surgery look." It was posted with a picture from 2005 KBS's Drama Sassy Girl Chunhyang. Netizens posted "this is Hyomins real face" "shocking pictures of the real Hyomin" and other provoking titles and then compared with her recent photos from her blog.

oh WTF?

The internet-ulzzang-born Hyomin's kindergarten graduation picture has also been revealed recently, showing her "natural beauty" causing an increase in the battle from fans about the plastic surgery issue.

Various posts like "her current image and her drama image are way too different. Didn't they alter it too much." versus "Seeing her kindergarten pictures you can see she was originally a beauty." have been lingering about.

Mnet said, "Hyomin debuted in middle school as an internet ulzzang, so these pictures that are becoming a controversy are from middle school. Those captures aren't real, which have caused misunderstanding," clearing up the suspicions.

omg she looks like jessica so much!!! and im loving her already!!!

netizens are once again, full of nonsense.

credits : tinggg@diadem5.com


Lee Byung-Hun criticized by a Japanese reporter for being Korean

"Why is a Korean actor playing a Japanese ninja?"

One Japanese movie reporter has complained about Lee ByungHun playing a Japanese character in the upcoming movie G.I. Joe. Lee ByungHun plays Storm Shadow in the movie, and in the reporter's article, he stated that G.I. Joe was "a very stupid movie that showed Lee ByungHun as a perfect Japanese when he's not."

He also mentioned that this movie became useless due to Lee ByungHun and couldn't accept why he plays a Japanese ninja.

The reporter also criticized the directors, saying "Stupid old men just made the movie for themselves."

Japanese netizens who read the article mentioned "Kimchi Ninja," and said "All Koreans who enter Japan are all spies."

One netizen said, "He can't do secret missions as a spy because he smells like kimchi." (LOL WAT?) They also mentioned their superiority over all Asians by saying "Stop putting all Asians together, because Japanese are special."

However, other Japanese netizens have mentioned, "Is there any Japanese actors that can do Hollywood action?" and "It's no problem because he portrays a Korean born in Japan."

What about rain in ninja assasin? ridiculous people out there. WHATEVER.

credits : omgkpop


Another ridiculous claim : GD + An So Hee

Evidence 1 :

At the couple performance, Sohee+Gdragon

Evidence 2:
Couple bracelets

Believe it or not.

credits : newscom, parkjinyoung@lj


fortune teller tells us his ~opinions~ about SNSD

Cable channel Y-STAR’s ‘Curiosity’ aired a segment titled ‘Fortune-Telling Using Faces! SNSD’s Episode.’ The producers of the show first showed a fortune-teller the faces of SNSD members. They then visited the group at a CF filming site and got their opinions on the fortunes.

According to the fortune-teller, “Yoona’s eyes are shaped like those of a bird. Her will is strong and she is extremely competitive. She has a habit of finishing things she starts, and it seems like she would be a good disciplinarian. Jessica’s high nose ridge means that she has the most popularity among guys. This is because she has a high nose ridge and it looks like the tip of her nose protects the rest of her nose.”

The fortune-teller also said, “Maknae [the youngest] Seohyun’s ‘charming fat’ under her eyes stand out. ‘Charming fat’ under the eyes is the symbol of sexiness. She is the type of person who can achieve great success if she uses her sexiness. Sunny has a nose that brings money. Either she will be rich or those around her, like her parents, will be rich.”

The responses from SNSD were varied.

Yoona was surprised by the fortune-teller’s comment about her being very competitive, saying, “Once I concentrate on doing something, I have to finish it.” Jessica was satisfied and clapped her hands after hearing that will be popular among guys. However, Seohyun felt awkward after hearing her fortune, saying, “I’m not sexy.” When hearing about Sunny’s ‘Good Fortune Nose,’ Tiffany responded by saying, “Sunny normally gives and buys a lot of stuff for other members.”

This answers shuyan's question "How sica does it? (attract boys)"
Answer : She is born with it.

credits : soshified


SNSD, Gets in a Car Accident While Returning Home From Broadcast

Girl Group SNSD got in a car accident on the 4th at night while driving home from appearing on MBC FM4U 'Dreamy Radio YooGun'.

According to SM Entertainment, SNSD members after finishing broadcast in Yeouido this night were heading to their dorm in Gangnam in two separate cars and were charged by a car that was driving along with them on the Olympic rode and got in a crash.

SM said, "Fortunately, the cars only made contact with each other, so it didn't turn out to be a big accident" and added, "None of the members were hurt, but Hyoyeon was shocked by the accident due to the crash that happened while she was seated in the front, so she is being checked up in the hospital because we're worried about the aftermath of the accident."

SNSD plans to continue their regular schedule on August 5th, despite the car accident that occurred on the previous day. Fortunately, SNSD is scheduled to attend only two afternoon events, which are MBC 'Chin Chin Radio' hosted by TaeYeon and KBS 'Super Junior Kiss The Radio.' SM Entertainment stated, "The physical condition of the members will be carefully examined to ensure their safety."

The car accident occurred on the night of August 4th while driving home from their appearance on MBC FM4U 'Dreamy Radio YooGun'.

According to SM Entertainment, the accident occurred while the members were driving home in two separate vehicles when another car attempted to pass the two on the Olympic road. SM also stated, "Fortunately, the minor collision didn’t turn out to be a big accident and none of the members were injured. HyoYeon, who sat in the front passenger seat, was rushed to the nearest hospital to be checked up on the bruises she received from the impact."

SM Entertainment added, "HyoYeon did not sustain any serious injuries and is currently resting" and concluded, "SNSD's upcoming schedule will not be affected."

just hope that they are really okay from the shock!

credits : ssf


All SM Artists Are Under The Same Contract

In relation to 3 TVXQ members, Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun who filed injunction application to suspend exclusive clause contract, Seoul Court has been collecting all contracts of other singers under SM Entertainment and miraculously, their contract with the agency is completely similar with TVXQ.

SM artists’ contract mostly last for a long period (averagely 10 years), unfair income distribution (50,000,000 won is paid only if the album sold more than 500,000 copies), and penalty termination (3 times of initial investment and 2 times of loss).Many SM idol stars have been in the same shoes as TVXQ for exclusive contract clause.

District Court (first level court) and High Court (second level court) has come to the same conclusion, that the agreement in contract is unfair thus labeled it as “invalid”. However, Supreme Court’s (third level) adjudication has not yet to come. The artist can be said to win the case only if the Supreme Court has agreed to the two court’s adjudication, else it’s not proceed.

CF model Yoo Minho (25) in 2006 had a discord against SM related to exclusive contract as well. Therefore TVXQ’s case in not the first case of an artist having court battle against SM. Even the Yoo Minho’s contract is likely similar with TVXQ contract, which makes it more cliche. Minho’s starting contract period was also close as TVXQ’s, January 3, 2003 (TVXQ is June 30, 2003).

Yoo Minho – SM court battle lasted for 1 year and 6 months in Yoo Minho’s winning with some adjustment clauses, yet she dropped from SM, while the agency influenced the PD of her show to shut down the TV show since she’s no longer worked for SM regardless the good ratings it got.

SM seems to use a standard form in each of its contract therefore it appears that other singers under SM such as Super Junior and SNSD have signed the same contract as TVXQ.

In addition, TVXQ members requested to SEJONG lawfirm–3 members legal representative–through an e-mail on August 5th “Until the trial date is confirmed, please do not reveal anything about our stand, to avoid more court motions.”

my goodness..this is super unfair! i really hope sm would review their crazy contracts and start treating their artiste like humans and not tools.

credits : sharingyoochun

Brown Eyed Girls Involved in Car Accident Too!

Right after the Brown Eyed Girls performance on Music Bank, the girls were headed to another scheduled event near the Han River at around 8pm, when they slightly collided with the car in front of them. The car in front of them stalled because of a flat tire and the vehicle in which the Brown Eyed Girls were in slightly collided with the car in front. The members didn't have any injuries of note, but some were reportedly a bit shocked about the whole ordeal. They changed vehicles and continued onto their next schedule.

So scary what with all these mysterious car accidents.

credits: akp



FIERCE! And I think its full of Charisma! We always see Heechul playing Jessica, now its Jessica's turn to play Heechul! HEESICA! I like this performance!

credits: pro0980@youtube
ISWAK, korean style!

OMG, It started with a kiss is going to be remade into a korean version!

Group Eight has bought the rights to yet another manga to reproduce as a drama. Previously, they bought the rights to hit dramas 'Goong' and 'Boys over Flowers', but this time it's popular Japanese manga 'Mischievous Kiss'. This manga has already been remade as the Taiwanese drama 'It Started With a Kiss'.

A representative from Group Eight announced "We are preparing Mischievous Kiss as our next project. A team is already beginning preparations for the drama. We are planning on it being aired sometime next summer. Although the original manga does not have an ending, the scriptwriter does have a plot in mind. We could use the ending for 'It Started With a Kiss' or write an entirely new ending."

'Mischievous Kiss' is about a genius boy with a 200 IQ who is very cold and distant and a girl who is very clumsy, but has a crush on this boy. As they interact, the girl changes the boy into someone who is much more human. Your typical Japanese shojo manga, but it's what Koreans like.

I really love the taiwan version, so much that during breaks me and my friends would skip going down to the canteen an sigh over the drama and listen to the soundtrack. The show was so sweet and romantic! I cant wait for the korean version!


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