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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Super Junior, how is the profit shared among the members?

Recently, with the issue between DBSG members and SM about sharing the income, Super Junior's story below will bring a warm feeling to you.

On the show MBC Every1 "Now it's time of handsome guys" which was aired on August 11th, MC Park Myungsoo had asked Super Junior's members Donghae & Sungmin, who attended that episode, about the profit sharing among SJ members.

Park Myungsoo said "Super Junior has 13 members, the member who has more activities will earn more, right? So do you guys have any difficulty with it, and how do you do about it?"

Super Junior Donghae said, "Although money is quite a sensitive topic, but we share the money with the members who earn less" and "(so that) they can use in case of necessity" which brought a warm feeling to the filming studio. Park Myungsoo said "it's such a good example" and praise the strong friendship among Super Junior members.

Netizens also show good response toward this "It's such a good example about team mates" and "While (everybody) continues to care about money, I feel relieved (after knowing this)."

AWWW, Super Junior Love. I have no idea how true it is, but its nice to see them sharing money etc since they have so many different projects. If only SME could be half as caring.


Yoona, Taecyeon and Onew have what in common?

It was revealed on Star Golden Bell that Girls Generation's YoonA is the most popular among male idol stars and 2PM's Taecyeon and SHINee's Onew are the most popular male celebrities among female idol stars!

On the show, Taecyeon announced "I like YoonA because she is a beauty," but Junho said "I like YoonA because she doesn't act superficial and is always natural." After the boys said their piece, YoonA impersonated comedienne Ahn Young Mi and drew interest.

Girls Generation and Kara also got the chance to pick their favorite male idol star and Taecyeon and Onew tied for first place. Kara's Han Seung Yeon said jokingly "2PM is known as the "beast idols" but among them Taecyeon has the highest authority." and caused the audience to laugh.

credits: akp


Feel the HENWOOK love!

Date: 2009-08-13 Weather: Sunny

I went to the restaurant with HENRY

Today I slept for nine hours
Which I am very happy about
I also went to record for Super Junior M’s second album in the afternoon
I feel that these songs are very good. I hope that ELF will like sjm’s songs
Today in the afternoon I went to Chinese class, and after the class I went
together with HENRY to eat at a restaurant. I ate a lot of dishes, but he didn’t eat
because he was already full. I really wish to eat Chinese dishes soon ^^:
In the evening I returned to the dorms.
Today I missed our fans too.

I can do it!

YAYYY! HENWOOK. and SJM's NEW 2ND ALBUM IN THE WORKS. Ryeowook brings joy!



Kim HyunJoong takes it off for Persona concert!

Group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong has been given the nickname of ‘JjikJoong’ for his solo performance during SS501’s first Asian concert tour Persona held in Seoul on 1st and 2nd August.

For his solo performance, he put up a sexy choreography and then tore off his shirt showing his upper body in front of fans during the concert. And this has received overwhelming responses from fans, and fans are starting to call him ‘Jjikjoong (short for HyunJoong who tears off clothes)’.

And various ‘JjikJoong’ videos are also uploaded and circulated on discussion boards and blogs after that. Fans are also a little disappointed after knowing that HyunJoong continued with the ‘JjikJoong’ act for their Japan Budokan performance on 13th August.

Fans said, “Is he going to do that for all the countries they are performing in?”, “It is a shame we have to share such a moment with fans in other countries as well” etc.

Meanwhile, SS501 will comeback with their 2nd album middle of next month. They will continue with their concert tour in October to countries like Thialand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong and China.


credits : ydnim


Fortune teller , again and again!

2PM members gets their palm lines read by fortune teller!

For the recent Y-Star special edition of ‘Let’s see 2PM’s palm lines’, the 2PM
members reveals their palm line and through a fortuneteller, they talked about
what each 2PM members’ palm line mean, what are their future destinies and also
their current personalities.

About JunSu’s palm line, the fortune teller
said, “He wants to be a singer, wants to be a talent, wants to do MC too”
pointing to the fact that he would be able to succeed as a multitainer.

And Nich Khun’s palm is one that one would appear in 1 out of 100 to 200
people, “Original makjwingeum (containing many forms of palm lines). Very
detailed and kind person.”

The fortuneteller talks about WooYoung’s
palm lines, “He is a gentleman and his style is someone who would treat the girl
very well. And his ‘brain line’ is especially long, he has good brains.”

But on the other hand, JaeBum was “He is a the type who is popular
amongst girls, ‘Casanova type’, since his 4th finger’s joints are of the same
length. Very passionate person.”

And about JunHo, who usually has a good
personality, “His palm lines ar rather straight, he is optimistic and without
worries. But mischievous with much temper.”

And about member ChanSung,
“He likes to hide his own talents and know-hows.”

this is interesting!

credits : sookyeong


The Philippines Love KPOP

I think we have quite a number of readers from philippines over here at super-kpop, so i thought you people might be interested in this.

Jessica Soho recently released a documentary in the Philippines about the KPOP
craze that's currently brewing over there. For years, Korean dramas and movies
have been very popular in The Philippines, but it's only recently that KPOP has
been blowing up into the mainstream.

The first part of Soho's
documentary features Sandara Park and her rise to fame. The much noted story
about her less than stellar career in Korea, before becoming famous in The
Philippines, and then her back in her own native Korea as a member of 2NE1. The
first part also features The Wonder Girls and their hit song "Nobody."

The second part shows a crazed TVXQ / DBSK fan (Cassiopeia)... but not
all is rosy in this documentary, as a Filipino by the name of Ramon del Rosario
is angry that KPOP is somewhat taking away attention from Filipino artists.
Overall, it was pretty entertaining to watch.

omg, the popularity of nobody is scary over there. Even kids at the back alley knows it?! O.O

and...The WHAT?? PRIMADONNAS???? LMAO!!!


Long Live Kpop!

credits: spookeychewy


Jessica, SNSD Member with the Most Appealing Features to Chinese Men

Chinese beauty girl Eun Dongleung stated, "Out of all the SNSD members, I think Jessica has the most appealing features to Chinese men."

On August 10th, a number of beautiful women from around the world known as the 'global beauty girls' appeared on the summer special of KBS 2TV 'Mi Su Da,' where they had the opportunity to meet the members of SNSD at Incheon during a World City Festival.
On this day, the global beauty girls commented on how happy they are right now because they "always wanted to meet the members of SNSD."

When MC Nam Heesuk asked the question, "Which SNSD member is most popular in China?" Eun Dongleung chose Jessica and commented, "Chinese men are most attracted to 'foxy' looking women." Jessica laughed, "I’ve been told I look like a fox a few times."

MC Nam Heesuk exclaimed at Eun Dongleung’s comment, "Being popular in China means that over 700 million people likes you."

Meanwhile, SNSD members (Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seoyeon) enjoyed the evening with the global beauty girls, whom participated in various activities such as arm wrestling, playing limbo and imitating each other.

she is just appealing to any other guy! Foxy, its really my first impression of her!

credits : newsen, ssf


SHINee's Reebok training scene

Sorry cant resist putting random video of cute SHINee here! :D Unfortunately no urge to rush out and buy Reebok products.

credits: minshinee


Jiyoung is 2AM's Changmin Ideal Girl

Celebrities are always asked what kind of person is their ideal type but it's always a little more interesting when they give a fellow celebrity as an example. Changmin of 2AM revealed that Kara's Kang Jiyoung is his ideal type. He confessed that his ideal type is "cute and kind. I especially like Kara's Kang Jiyoung," on a recently recorded "Star Golden Bell" (it will be aired on August 15th). You'd think it'd be possible for these two to hook up after being partners on MBC's Every1 Idol but Changmin continued, saying "I thought that it would be easy to get close because we're both idols, but we're more than 7 years apart."

Heheh, 7 years really is a bit far apart. And I find it :S to see Changmin calling himself an idol. Idol? Really Changmin? Still, I cant wait for the star studded episode of SGB!

credits: akp
Witness describes daesung's car accident

Big Bang DaeSung who was injured in a car accident on 11th August has left fans much worried and shocked.
On MBC Section TV Entertainment News aired on 14th August, an interview with the witness to the accident was revealed. The witness has revealed his shock when he saw the car hitting up the guard rail and even caused a tree to uproot. An emergency officer Mr. Park said, “The car was damaged beyond recognition. The ceiling part to the car has also collapsed.”
“The coordinator was in between the seats. Manager’s right arm was stuck in the damage and he was screaming in pain. DaeSung was taken to the management office. He was complaining of back pain, and blood was flowing from his nose, his own face continued to bleed.”

A witness at the hospital also provided, “He looked like he hurt his face a lot. It was bandaged.”
It has been revealed that DaeSung will be undergoing an operation for his nose and eye area where there are fractions. And he will need 8 weeks of treatment.

Oh, operation on the face. i guess he needs it with or without the accident.
Anyway, thank god he was safe. Get well soon daesung!

credits : sk

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