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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lee Hyori Ft Wilber Pan

As long as I love you. MV is cool! And Wilber is really going global with collaborations with Akon and Hyori.

credits: urasiansourcekpop@yt
2PM Boycott Continues In Thailand

After 2PM's Jaebeom's departure from the group, 2PM's fans, Hottests, have declared they will be boycotting 2PM until Jaebeom is back and the fans have stayed true to their word.

Through a travel agency in Thailand, an event was to be held for a total of 100 fans to sign up and get a chance to go on a 5 day trip to Bangkok with 2PM's Nichkhun. But as the Hottests have proclaimed that ""We all reject a 2PM without Jaebeom", one by one the Hottests have been canceling their opportunity to meet the star and are backing out on the event.

A representative stated, "We had around 90 participants in the event but now we have about 30 left." But it seems this event will still be taking place despite the small number of participants.

Personally I think you would be mad to boycott a 5day trip with Nichkhun.

credits: akp
Mnet's Jonghyun Scandal

Okay, I watched snippets of it and I refuse to put up videos here because I absolutely disapprove of such shows. Jonghyun fans will probably get a heart attack or something. But the girl remins me a bit of CSJH Stepfanie and she is kinda pretty. They look so happy together it makes me feel so :( And they date for a week. SIGH. Jonghyun seems so fine and perfect as a boyfriend though! Just keel telling yourself "ACTING, ACTING."

If DBSK and SuJu ever appears on this show, Im not sure how I can cope with it.
"Senorita~" SNSD's Yuri, Mesmerizing Tango Dancing Shakes Men's Heart

In the recent recording of SBS 'Incredible Competition Star King,' Yuri surprised everyone by transforming into a sensual Argentinian tango dancer.

With fancy footwork supplemented by 100% live music, Yuri was able to represent Argentina and it's original tango fever. Argentina is famously known as the home of tango dancing.

Wearing a sparkling black one-piece dress, Yuri seemed to emanate a more earnest look while she tangoed with a professional dancer. The two received tremendous applause as they danced in synchrony with no mistakes.

The young professional dancer even complimented Yuri and called her 'the most beautiful senorita (miss) of Korea's best girl group' after having the opportunity to dance with her on stage.

Yuri's gorgeous transformation that mesmerized even the original tango team will be revealed in the broadcasting of SBS 'Star King' on September 12 at 6:40PM.

LOOKING GORJESS YURI! Yuri can dance damn well too in SNSD not only Hyoyeon though I think Hyoyeon gets called dancing Queen cause she is into more hiphop and Yuri more ballet-y stuff?

credits: newsen, glucose@ssf
Shindong wants to Diet again!

At 2PM on September 10th, FTTS's Brian, SJ's Shindong, SS501's Kim Hyungjoon and 2AM's Jokwon have had a MC interview at SBS conference room for their new SBS environment protection show "Find it ! Green gold".

The 4 said "We are environment protectors G4 (Green 4)" and through the show, they want to learn about the importance of environment and thus, they can practice those knowledge in their daily life.

Shindong said "Teenagers and kids after watching us will be able to do like in the show [Find it ! Green gold] too" and "I hope that the kids will have more knowledge about environment later on"

Shindong also talked about his plan to diet again "Through this chance, I also think of starting my diet plan. In fact, last time I had lost 20kg but I had gained weight again later". He said "Although environment and diet don't have any relation at first sight but surprisingly, they have many relation in content....because of the show, I have to ride bike and travel a lot...so PD-nim had decided that water, bike and some matter that having relation with diet will be subject of the show, thus I plan to be loose weight again"

It is known that drinking enough water and riding bike are good method to loose weight, but Shindong also said "I haven't had a final decision of diet yet, but once I decide to do, I will let the fans know for sure"

The 1st episode will be aired at 6.25PM on September 14th.

credits: evanesco@sjworld
Robbie Findley listens to Tohoshinki

credits: soompi
Dream concert seating

Hmmm... After what happened last year, Dream Concert doesnt look like a good idea to me actually. Who thinks there is going to be more Drama this year? No Triple S this year?

credits: Sapphire pearls
SHU-I new song Bomb Bomb Bomb

New boyband on the block. Okay-ish music. Cant really see their faces properly so cant comment. So-so.
F(X) Amber BFF with Nicole?

Amber, a member of the new girl group f(x), has been gathering a lot of attention for her androgynous looks. With her resemblance to her labelmates Donghae of Super Junior and Jonghyun of Shinee, she is one hot topic amongst Netizens.

Amber, who has been in Korea for almost year and a half says "I'm really close to KARA's Nicole. Since we can converse in English, it is more comfortable for the both of us."

Even though she is known for her boyish looks, in real life, she has very cute features and is known to be very respectful, bowing 90 degrees to others in music programs.

Everyone is friends with Nicole! :D

credits: coffeebeanie@KARAholic

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