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Saturday Spazz Night: Sleeping Beauty Edition!
Saturday, January 9, 2010

uh oh! Its SATURDAY SPAZZ NIGHT AGAIN! Tonight tonight, you'll get to see all the sleeping faces of your idols! Egg-cited! ;)

Who look the most adorable when they are asleep? We'll let you decide!

While so...keep really quiet....don't wake them up! ^^

Firstly..lets take a look at SS501 zzz-ing!

Oh hyungjoon! Caught ya sleeping at SGB!!

Our lovely jihoo sunbae!

SHHH! You woke him up!

Okay heres another leader kimhyunjoong, + jungmin's feet. LOL

Now let's look at SNSD!


Sleepy Yoona!

Sleepy Taeyeon and Sooyoung!

Sleepy Taeyeon and Tiffany!

This is how the kid leader wakes her members up...

Sleeping Jessica!

Well,...leader kim taeyeon's sleeping position is totally FTW! SO ADORABLE!

SHINee's charismatic Minho!


Arh...sleep in class! Ring Ding Dong! Its time to wake up baby! Your juliette is waiting for you!

Righty...minho's sunbae, DONG BANG SHIN KI!

So lovey dovey...

Happy family...Changmin magnae,Micky Hyung...Yunho Omma. :)

Changminie! such a baby...

zZzzZ..Hero must be real tired to be even dozing off like this!

Leader is tired too...

Anw, yoochun must be the zzz king in dbsk.

bb is tired.

Sleepy DBSK~

KAAARAAA!~ If you wanna pretty...then u must sleep moarr!!

Sleepy Hara and Nicole!

Representative from FT Island....is our pretty pretty boy..Lee Hong Ki!
Omg, totally feel like pinching his cheeks!

You know...a Wonder girl needs to catch some sleep too.
Heres Sohee..

Prince Yul (kim jung hoon) from goong! arhh..as princey as ever.
Have this urge to give him a kiss and he'll wake up and be yours forever.

Mega star SE7EN.

Gosh..he look so super exhausted.

Big Bang's Magnae and leader!


GD's bangs...love it SFM.

Daesung sleeping soundly on the right..whos the guy on the left..someone tell me!

Hot Issue:
Sleepy Hyunah!

Moon Guen Young Sleeps in class too!

Dorky wooyoung and khun!

Oh my taec, SEXAY!!


Hehehe...so neat and lovely sleeping together!

Super Junior!
Without much image,im sure everyone have seen them sleeping in shows n everything!

Oh well...ADORKABLE TO THE MAX! Dont u dare deny!

Cutey sungmin!

Like a baby...


MIA member kibum :)

Sleepy junior at Adonis camp!

Magnae Kyuhyun!

Kibum and Heenim!
Awwee...lovely! okay..i feel like sleeping too..

Kibum, donghae,eunhyuk, sungmin!

This is like my fav vid all time. Never fail to make me laugh!

Waking up Super Junior Part (1/4)

omg, blonde sleeping beauty anchovy. hehehe.

Must be dreaming of me..

The loveliest Sleeping Prince of Suju..Donghae!
He look so handsome even when sleeping like no one's business!

love his bed.

Oh well...heres another boy sleeping soundly in class...Guess who!

MBLAQ's amazing Lee Joon!
Why amazing? Cause he can even sleep like this!


Told you to lower your volume! See!! you woke Seunggi up!!!


Go back to slp bb.

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